Sunday, November 28, 2010

ex-cyclist in a cop suit

this morning, me and my friends were cycling through jalan DAGO (DAGO is a main street in Bandung) and watching some gigs and art performances in car-free-day time. we had a good time there, but that was not I'm going to write here. Something funny was happen after that.

when car-free-day thing ended, I was pedaling my bike when some strange police called me. I stopped and suddenly shocked because actually the one who called me was a cop! *barnacles!*.
I feel frightened because I don't think I've done something wrong. after approaching me, the cop just wanted to borrow my bike obviously. he quickly jumped into the bike and act like a pro cyclist, and the medal at his uniform told me that he was a commander! it's so funny. you guys have to see him when he do a tricks in a BMX too LOL

because of my fault that I forgot to bring my camera I have no picture of that guy, but i have draw it. hope you like it.

that cop and my fixie (I haven't told you that he is fat LOL)

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